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Christian Science Nursing Practice 2

Open to those who have successfully completed the requirements of the previous level, demonstrating Christian Science nursing skills and judgment, as well as nursing qualities and an ongoing commitment to the healing ministry of Christian Science. Applicants will have had the necessary practical experience. Courses may be taught as several modules over a period of time.

Eight weeks’ classroom tuition 

Open to those who have satisfactorily completed the Christian Science Nursing
Practice 1 Course (or equivalent) and the necessary practical experience. 

Subjects include: 

  1. ethics I
  2. standards and regulations
  3. communication I
  4. home nursing I
  5. reading aloud I
  6. Christian Science nursing care skills I 


Fees are applicable for classroom and on-the-job instruction, and also for Room and Board. Successful candidates will receive full sponsorship from either Hawthorne Trust Ltd, Mountlands Trust Ltd, or
Whitehaven Trust Ltd.