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Christian Science Nursing Practice 1

The purpose of this course is to enable participants to care for patients who are mostly independent and who only require light Christian Science nursing care. 

Three weeks’ classroom study, followed by work experience or on-the-job experience at Charton Manor. 

Trainees may take their work experience or on-the-job experience at any other Christian Science nursing facility or under the supervision of a Journal-listed Christian Science nurse working in the Field. 

Enrolment requirements 

  • a heartfelt commitment to the healing ministry of Christian Science 
  • membership in The Mother Church 
  • membership of a branch church or of The Mother Church or Journal-listed Christian Science Society 
  • demonstrable knowledge of Christian Science practice 
  • expression of nursing qualities (Science and Health, page 395, lines 17–20). 
  • Primary Class Instruction 
  • good command of English (speaking, reading and writing) 
  • physically capable of carrying out practical nursing duties

Subjects include: 

  1. introduction to ethics 
  2. basic concepts of Christian Science nursing care 
  3. the organisation of a Christian Science nursing facility 
  4. introduction to communication 
  5. safety in the Christian Science nursing environment 
  6. elementary Christian Science nursing care skills 


Fees are applicable for classroom and on-the-job instruction, and also for Room and Board. Successful candidates will receive full sponsorship from either Hawthorne Trust Ltd, Mountlands Trust Ltd, or Whitehaven Trust Ltd. 

Successful applicants who are not employed at either of the Trusts can apply for funding from the UK Scholarship Fund. For further information go to www.christiansciencenursefund.org.uk