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** We are not presently offering any courses for the foreseeable future. Applicants are advised to apply to other training providers and the information about our Christian Science Nurses Training Centre and previous courses on this page is for reference only. **

We are temporarily not running any courses or taking new trainees.

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As well as offering courses for Christian Science nurses, we offer a one or two day Overview workshop for Christian Scientists interested in gaining a rudimentary insight.

The main programme comprises four courses ... Introductory (Practice 1), Basic (Practice 2), Advanced (Practice 3) and Supervisory (Practice 4).

Each course consists of a classroom-based training period (three–eight weeks) and several months of practical on-the-job instruction on the Christan Science nursing floor. This is under the guidance of experienced Journal-listed Christian Science nurses, either:

  • at Charton Manor
  • at another Christian Science nursing facility
  • under experienced visiting or private duty Christian Science nurses

Successful completion of each level is required before admission to the next level of training. For more information, please telephone 01322 863116 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.