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Christian Science Nursing at Charton Manor

 ** The Mother Church have asked that we "not accept new patients requiring skilled Christian Science nursing care until it is verified by The Commission that there are sufficient, trained and qualified staff employed and available."

Charton Manor is currently only accepting new patients with light Christian Science nursing needs. We can always advise as to whether we can assist or not. **

Christian Science nursing is a practical, spiritual ministry that actively supports the patient’s decision to rely on Christian Science for healing. This ministry is carried out with prayer, wisdom, compassion and skill.

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Key points

  • Effective spiritual healing is at the heart of our activities at Charton Manor.
  • Christian Science nursing care at Charton Manor is available twenty-four hours a day.
  • Christian Science nursing care is for those aged 18 and over who have chosen to rely solely upon Christian Science for healing.
  • When a patient is cared for at Charton Manor the patient always engages the services of a Christian Science practitioner listed in The Christian Science Journal.
  • A Christian Science nurse does not give Christian Science treatment. This is the work of the Christian Science practitioner and the patient. However the Christian Science nurse supports the practitioner in his or her work.
  • No medical processes, remedies or interventions are undertaken at Charton Manor and there is no diagnosis or prognosis of a patient’s affliction or injury.
  • All Christian Science nursing care is administered by qualified Christian Science nurses listed in The Christian Science Journal and by trainee Christian Science nurses acting under their supervision.
  • At any time, a patient or assisted living resident has the right to leave and choose another method of health care. In such a case every effort would be expended by Charton Manor to assist the patient to gain access to the care of their choice.


The daily room and board rate is £109.00, and includes: all meals; drinks and snacks; housekeeping; activities; and laundry service. Nursing care is charged at £42.00 per hour as needed.


Please refer to the FUNDING page.

Download an application for Christian Science Nursing Care