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Bill of Parliament 

  • 1927 – a Bill of Parliament required registration and medical supervision for all nursing homes in England and Wales. 
  • An amendment was won exempting Christian Science nursing homes from registration. 
  • The exemption was carried forward in subsequent legislation, but repealed in 2002 in favour of the Care Standards Act 2000. All exemptions were withdrawn. 
  • Charton Manor is now registered as a ‘care home not providing medicines or medical treatment’

Hawthorne House

Hawthorne House 

  • In the early 1930s a number of Christian Scientists in London began collecting money for the establishment of a nursing home, run on a non-profit basis. 
  • Viscount and Viscountess Astor bought Tudor House on Hampstead Heath, London, and in 1935 gave it to the newly-formed Hawthorne Trust to operate as a Christian Science nursing home. 
  • The house – the first Christian Science House in the UK – opened in 1937. It was renamed Hawthorne House. 
  • The House was sold in November 1987, and Hawthorne Trust bought Charton Manor and relocated there. 
  • The first known record of a manor house on this site was in the 1086 Domesday Book. 
  • Construction of the purpose-built Charton Manor began 5 May 1987, with completion 4 July 1988. First guests were received two months later. 

Visiting Christian Science nursing service 

  • Established January 1951, becoming a registered charity in 1964.