Dear Friends,  

The Trustees of Hawthorne Trust Limited on Thursday, May 4 took the decision to close for the time being both Charton Manor and the Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service (London Field).  This was a sad step to take and was the result of much thought, underpinned by prayer.  

Our highest priority has always been the comfort and care of those who use our services.  With only three guests at Charton Manor, and with no-one waiting to enter, our position was not financially sustainable.  Income no longer matched expenditure and we were drawing on our reserves for day-to-day expenses.  The Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service was busier, and alternative arrangements have been made, according to the wishes of those using the service.  

There will be many details to work out in the next months.  The Trustees are being guided by employment consultants to achieve a just outcome for our staff, many of whom have worked for the Trust for decades.   

The Trustees wish to take this opportunity to thank the loyal and hardworking members of staff who have served throughout many challenging times (including  lockdown), as well as during happier times, with the utmost dedication and love.    

As we pray to understand what will be the next provision for Christian Science nursing care and healing in our Christian Science community, we trust that we can depend on your prayers and your love as a new page is turned.  We shall keep you all informed, through your branches and individually.  

We send our love to you all,  

Board of Trustees   

Brian Blandford, Margaret Chaplin, Guy Ekins, Alan Holland, Gillian Smith