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Frequently Asked Questions


Length of stay 

How long can one stay at Charton Manor? 
For as long as you have a nursing need and are actively working with a Journal-listed practitioner to overcome your  need for Christian Science nursing care. 

Eligibility for Christian Science nursing care 

Do I have to be a member of The Mother Church or a branch church to receive Christian Science nursing care? 
No. You do however need to have engaged the services of a Christian Science practitioner, listed in the current issue of The Christian Science Journal, who is willing to support your application for Christian Science nursing care.

Do I have to have a Christian Science practitioner whose name is listed in The Christian Science Journal? 
Yes, and you are responsible for paying their fees. 

How long must I have been free of medication before I can apply for Christian Science nursing care? 
It depends on the nature of the medication and is at the absolute discretion of the Admissions Committee. As a rule of thumb, a prospective patient will need to demonstrate their freedom from dependency on medication for a reasonable length of time. 

What if I was admitted to hospital through no fault of my own and was administered medication? 
Again it is dependent on the prospective patient’s ability to demonstrate their freedom from dependency on the drugs they were administered. 


How do I apply for admission to Charton Manor? 
If your need is urgent please call 01322 863116 and ask to speak to the Charge Christian Science Nurse. Alternatively, download the Christian Science Nursing Care or Rest & Study Application Forms from this site and either fax it to us on 01322 866248, or post it (address below). 


Is transport available to get to Charton Manor? 
Yes, in most cases and for an additional charge.